Find a Plumber in Norman OK

After calling around for a reliable plumber around Oklahoma City, we were not able to find any that could get our water heater replaced within the time frame of our move. Some plumbers in the city were charging around $2500 but couldn’t meet our time frame needs. Our water heater had started to rust at the bottom and water is leaking. We had scheduled our home to be listed for sale August 1st and wanted everything completed prior to date. 

After trying majority of the plumbers in OKC we decided to do a google search for “Plumbers in Norman OK” and found a Youtube video. We called them and explained our situation to them. They were great over the phone, very friendly and listened to our needs for service. We called them in the morning and by noon they were able to come out and assess the problem. Later that afternoon they came back and did a Water Heater Installation, even removed the old one for us. 

The guys at OK Plumber did a fantastic job! Didn’t even bid me $2500 like the other plumbers in the city. Their 3 man team came and did their work professionally, even put on cloth shoe covers before entering our home. They are in the OKC but they service all the surrounding cities and suburbs. I highly recommend them for any future plumbing work. They work fast and with very wallet friendly prices.

If you’re looking for a plumber in Oklahoma City, call 405-309-3004 and have them come take a look at what you need fixed. OK Plumbers is OK with me.